• An important aspect of visual unity is that the whole must be predominant over the parts - you must see the whole pattern before you notice the individual elements.
  • Each item may have its own meaning and each element may add to the total effect, but the viewer must first see the entire pattern as a whole, rather than simply a collection of unrelated elements.
  • Despite obvious differences, like size, colour, shape, texture, etc. the elements in a design must have some basic visual characteristics that relate to each other. A commonality that visually ties the composition together.
  • Consider asking yourself the following questions relative to the unified success of your composition:
    • Does my theme/story/overall design entice the viewer and draw interest?
    • Are all of my elements relevant to my theme/story/overall design?
    • Does the colour scheme work with the tone of the layout?
    • Do accents add or detract from the theme/story/overall design?
    • Will your viewer's eye move easily through the layout as you planned, or is the layout static and confusing?
    • Do all parts of the theme/story/overall design flow together as a cohesive whole?
    • Does the layout tell the story you want to communicate?
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