• Popular for many centuries, collage is a form of artisitc texture that utilizes pieces of paper, cloth, and other media affixed to a base.
  • This artform is most often seen in the area of folk art, and it was only in the recent 20th century that collage became seriously considered as a legitimate medium of the fine arts.
  • This art form is an excellent medium for beginners, as elements can easily be manipulated through cutting, folding, and reshaping for the desired compositional arrangement - and before anything is "permanently" glued down, it is easy to "test" design elements in place.
  • Collage potentially has a lot in the way of surface interest. In the two examples, the first illustrates tactile interest through very subtle colour and fabric variations, forcing us to notice the visual texture.
  • In the second example, welded steel and canvas create a startling effect, that combined with the tactile texture, implies an almost creature-like visual experience.

Textue Image Two

Textue Image Three

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