• Originally conceived in a time when the United States was involved in the Vietnam War, "LOVE" became a symbol for Peace.
  • That it can be effective in so many different sizes and contexts would seem proof of the image’s absolute brilliance. One of the most celebrated works within the pop art movement, as well the art world as a whole, this famous sculpture is speaks volumes in spite of its simplcity.
  • The poly-chromed red and blue aluminum sculpture in the second example is 144" (12 Feet High) X 144" (12 Feet Wide) x 72" (7 Feet Deep).
  • This memorable motif has been reproduced hundreds of times for hundreds of purposes.
  • In each scale - from postage stamps to wall posters, coffee mugs to t-shirts - it has remained graphically appealing to a large and varied audience. 

 Scale Image Seven

Scale Image Eight

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