• In this Exercise/Activity we will work with focal point and point of emphasis. You also be working with accents/secondary focal points as additional design elements for this project.
  • For this Exercise/Activity you will need to utilize all of your conceptual skills, Adobe Photoshop, coloured construction paper that is at least 8" X 8" (but, the larger the better), an old or current magazine (or two), scissors, craft glue, as well as your hands-on skills, and if you wish, coloured pencils, pens, markers, pastels, and crayons. You will also be utilizing image files based on the seasons, as well as a few small collected objects from outside that are applicable to your current season.
  • For this Exercise/Activity you will be creating a multi-media collage. This collage will be a reflection of the seasonal aspects of the present time - as well as a way for you to learn to capture a viewer's attention.
  • You have several ways in which you can create a focal point or point of emphasis in your collage. The first is contrast, the next is through use of isolation. You can also try simple placement of your elements as a way to create focus. And don't forget the option of not using a definite focal area at all - remember how fabrics, tiles, wallpapers, etc. draw our eyes without the use of a defined point of emphasis - and they are still successful visual cummunications - whatever their purpose. Finally, don't forget the option of utilizing an accent or two.
  • Click on any image to the right to link to the page with the large format images for this Exercise/Activity. When you have found the image you want to work with, return to this page and follow the next steps. (You can work with more than one image if you wish - there are three per season.)
  • Scan any additional imagery into Adobe Photoshop and place it onto your image. Work in layers in your software application so that the manipulation of each image is separate.
  • Are you working with one image only? You can also place several images overlapping each other. (Please be aware that each image has a print size of approximately 3" W X 2 " H.)
  • Remember that you should start your new file with an image size and resolution output (300 PPI) with your final print in mind. You will need to convert your colour mode to CMYK after you're done with your file and when you're ready to print.
  • Once you've printed your image, glue it to your coloured construction paper (at least 8" X 8") and wait for the glue to dry.
  • Next, start adding shapes and lines with your coloured pencils, pens, markers, pastels, and crayons.
  • Next, start gluing any additional images from your magazine(s) and/or scanned and printed image(s). Wait for the glue to dry.
  • Finally, add your small collected objects from outside that are applicable to your current season. (Leaves, twigs, pine cones, flowers...) Wait for the glue to dry.
  • While you add all of these "layers" (the shapes and lines, the magazine(s) and/or scanned and printed image(s), and the collected objects) you should not lose sight of the objective of this Exercise/Activity - focal point/point of emphasis. Remember to utilize the elements of design that you have learned throughout this presentation - you do not want this collage to look like a pile of twigs and leaves glued to some magazine pages. There should be theme, purpose and focus.
  • When you are done, ask yourself the following questions about focal point/point of emphasis in your collage:
  1. There were many elements needed to create this project. Did all of your ideas flow easily?
  2. What design elements were you able to utilize besides focal point/point of emphasis?
  3. Did you change or alter your original end result in any way to make it more visually appealing, or to make it more in keeping with what you have learned about the elements of design?
  4. Do you like your finished piece? Why? Why not?
  5. What did you learn about yourself and your attitude toward the current season in doing this Exercise/Activity?

Spring Image OneSummer Image One

Spring Image TwoSummer Image Two

Spring Image ThreeSummer Image Three

Autumn Image OneWinter Image One

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