• In this Exercise/Activity we will work with shape & volume. You will need to utilize all of your conceptual skills, coloured construction paper, coloured pencils, pens, markers, pastels, and crayons, an old or current magazine (or two), scissors, craft glue, and 8 1/2" X 11" or 11" X 17" paper, as well as your hands-on skills for this Exercise/Activity.
  • For this Exercise/Activity you will be creating a multi-media collage. Because we live in a world that is made up entirely of shapes and forms, it makes sense that we would be affected by them. This Exercise/Activity will allow you to explore the impact that shape & volume can have on your design choices.
  • Your first step is to look through your magazine and cut out and/or tear out words/phrases and/or images or parts of words/phrases and/or images that immediately catch your eye. At this stage in the Exercise/Activity, don't think too much about what you want your end result to look like.
  • Next, take your paper and lay out all of your words/phrases and/or images beside it. Choose what you want to utilize, cut/trim/tear them further if necessary, and begin to arrange and glue them to your paper. Cover your entire paper. Wait for your glue to dry.
  • Your next step is to take your coloured construction paper, coloured pencils, pens, markers, pastels, and crayons and begin drawing and gluing several variations of the same shape onto your collage.
  • When you are done, ask yourself the following questions about shape & volume in your collage:
  1. How did you go about choosing your words/phrases and/or images for your collage? What can you deduct from your choices?
  2. Which shape did you choose to draw on top of your collage? What can you learn from your choice?
  3. Is there any link between your words/phrases and/or images and the shape your chose? What can you deduct from this link - if any?
  4. Did you create a random pattern or something recognizable?
  5. Did you attempt to utilize any specific design elements for this Exercise/Activity?

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