• In this Exercise/Activity we will explore thematic agreement. You will need to utilize all of your conceptual skills, coloured pencils, pens, markers, pastels, and/or crayons, 8 1/2" X 11" or 11"X 17" white paper, as well as your hands-on skills for this Exercise/Activity.
  • For this Exercise/Activity you will be exploring a dream and evoking an image from your dream. This Exercise/Activity will help you to recapture the essence of a recent dream so that you can try to untangle any confusion or distortion that is surrounding your dream, and you will therefore be able to make better visual sense of it.
  • So what are the steps to follow in visually representing your dream? First, take some time to remember as much of your dream as possible. You can write down some words, or draw some symbols or images if this helps you.
  • Your next step is to imagine your dream in terms of colours and shapes only. These shapes and colours should be what represent the events and emotions of your dream.
  • The next thing to do is transfer your dream images from your mind onto some paper. Use your pencils, pens, markers, pastels, or crayons on 8 1/2" X 11" or 11"X 17" white paper to create an entire image that becomes your dream image. This image doesn't have to look like it makes any sense or have any order to it. The point of this Exercise/Activity is to record the dream on your paper as you see it in your head.
  • When you are done, ask yourself the following questions about your Exercise/Activity:
  1. Do you feel that your image truly represents your dream?
  2. What kind of thought did you put into the colours and/or colour scheme that you used? Were you conscious of using a colour scheme?
  3. Did you utilize any specific design elements as part of your dream image? Were you conscious of using any design elements?
  4. If so, which design elements (colour, line, balance, shape & volume, illusion of space, etc.) best depict your dream?
  5. If so, which design elements do - or do not - work for the dream image itself, and are simply there to make the image more esthetically appealing and/or a better visual communication?


Thematic Agreement Exercise Image Four

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