• In this Exercise/Activity we will explore the design element line. You will require paper and any drawing tool you wish to utilze for this Exercise/Activity - a coloured pencil, a coloured pen, a coloured marker, a coloured pastel, or a coloured crayon... as well as your hands-on skills for this Exercise/Activity.
  • For this Exercise/Activity you will be recreating a mood. Some potential moods you can consider recreating on your paper might be happiness, anger, sadness, discontent, freedom, frustration, passion, anxiety...
  • Your limitations are as follows: you have to chose a coloured drawing tool, and your paper has to be white. Your paper should be between 8 1/2" X 11" and 11" X 17". You need to choose only one mood to draw on your paper and you should draw on the paper for exactly 60 seconds/one minute.
  • When you are done, ask yourself the following questions about your use of line:
  1. Did this Exercise/Activity feel silly or was it liberating?
  2. Could you have gone on longer or was 60 seconds/one minute too long?
  3. Did you enjoy the Exercise/Activity or did you feel like it was awkward or embarassing?
  4. Even though you started your line off with a specific mood in mind, did you find that the process of the Exercise/Activity helped you to experience other moods while drawing your line?
  5. Do you feel that your finished composition is truly representative of your mood? Do you like the piece?


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