• A square colour scheme is similar to the tetradic colour sheme. It is one that utilizes four hues that are at spaced evenly around the colour wheel. In this example, violet, red-orange, yellow, and blue-green have been utilized. Another example would be red, yellow-orange, green, and blue-violet.
  • This colour scheme has very little variation in tints (white added to the hues) and shades (black added to the hues), as it is best with its colours at full value, utilizing only the four colours for a full, rich scheme.
  • Like the tetradic scheme, a square colour scheme works best in visual communications when one colour is chosen as a dominant hue. Careful attention should be paid to the balance between the warm and cool colours in your design as well.
  • This colour scheme requires the use of a colour wheel to properly utilize/reference the hues for the scheme to work out properly.

Colour Image Seventeen A

Colour Image Seventeen B

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