• A clash/discord colour scheme is one that produces a brazen and surprising visual effect.
  • This colour scheme can also be referred to as a split-complimentary colour scheme.
  • Perhaps best left for visual communications directed at younger clientele, or a composition that demands visual impact with an intentional lack of colour unity and cohesion.
  • This colour scheme requires the use of a colour wheel to properly utilize/reference the hues for the scheme to work out properly.
  • Select your first colour, and then select one hue on either side of the direct complement/opposite of your first hue choice. For example, if your choice was violet (as in the example), then your clash/discord colour will be yellow-orange and/or yellow-green, as in this example.
  • Another example might be if you were to utilize a combination of blue, then yellow-orange and/or red-orange as your clash/discord colour scheme.

Colour Image Fifteen A

Colour Image Fifteen B

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