• An analogous colour scheme combines several hues that are side by side on the colour wheel. Two to eleven hues can be utilized, however an analogous colour scheme works best with three to five hues only.
  • This colour scheme can also be referred to as a harmonious colour scheme.
  • The hues can vary in value, but the variations of tints (white added to the hues) and shades (black added to the hues) would be fewer than those utilized in a monochromatic colour scheme.
  • In this example, the hues utilized are yellow-green, green, blue-green, and blue. However, as long as the hues are next to each other/side by side on the colour wheel, the combination would be considered analogous.
  • An analogous colour scheme gives a unified feeling to a composition.

Colour Image Eleven A

Colour Image Eleven B

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